Saturday, September 29, 2012

Legend of the Arena

Legend of the Arena

Gameplay: The user will create a fighter for the arena and fight to be a top gladiator. As a fighter the user will be able to select a variety of appropriate weapons such as swords, axes, shields, and nets. Each weapon set will have its own playstyle of attacks. The user will have to incorporate attacking and defending, blocking, dodging, parrying, methodically to win matches. The user will be placed in one solitary position, but use directional buttons to roll right, roll left, jump up or duck down. The user will have to time attacks to get un-blocked attacks through for damage or time defense moves to parry or block an attack.

Story: The story will vary in terms of the background the character has. The choices will range from a commoner who joins the arena for glory and fame, to a slave trying to win freedom and such. Social choices through the story will adapt the scenarios until its ending but the Plot will be a consistent finite plot.

Technology: 3D action first person

Additional Info: The concept is inspired by the fighting system of Infinity Blade. So free movement isn't being considered at the moment and is focusing on 1v1 battles.


  1. Your game idea reminds me of the tv show Sparatcus! I love the idea your going for and so will many other players out there. An arena of blood-thirsty fans and two warriors fighting to the death and you get to choose how his fate ends!

  2. So you were thinking of a fixed player position like in the infinity blade series. That will certainly make things more manageable, although you may be surprised what you can achieve in Unity3D (which can export to iOS). Of course simple combinations can often lead to the best gameplay experience.

    Interestingly Infinity Blade was designed using Unreal engine 3... nice review of infinity blade on iOS here and seems like Brian Sanderson (that author of Way of Kings that I mentioned to you) has written an infinity blade novel ...

  3. Although it is common for any fighting games that the story depends on each character's background, I like that you did that too; this will certainly allow users to choose the character that fits best to them so that they likely enjoy the game.
    My question is whether there is any set of weapons for each character as default or not.

    I like your idea! :)