Saturday, September 29, 2012



Gameplay: The user will take control of groups of people, one by one, that will aid each other to complete goals in a map. People will have unique abilities that will allow them to overcome obstacles or take advantage of rewards that others cannot. People will have to be moved methodically, one at a time, to achieve best results. Misfortunes may occur to some that will leave some people less usable or dead and removed from the game.

Story: Space expedition goes wrong. Shuttle crashes onto unknown planet. Initially a group of 3 people manage to find each other and decide to stick together and help each other out to find something that will save them. Journey to find others and survive begins. The group will find other humans and maybe others to join their group as face puzzles and hardships with each map.

Technology: 2D Puzzle Strategy

Additional Info: This concept is based on the concept of the classic game Lemmings, where each unit a character controlled was meant to help other units clear the map.

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  1. Cool idea! I think it has great potential for a nice storytelling if you use the other survivors which will be found later in the game to tell the player a new part of the story.