Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Slower Speed of Light: The Experience

 A Slower Speed of Light

A simply brilliant game. This game is short but oh so sweet!

"A game about something every complex turned into something tangible."

The game introduction works perfectly. Short intro about why the player is the way they are, somewhat, sad, but works well in order to create the setting. The gameplay is simple. You run away collecting 100 orbs. The music is subtle, gives it a lonely mood, which serves to create the setting as well.

Now as for the game and its concept, now that is what makes this game brilliant. The simulation of natural world physics involved as speed nears the speed of light is amazing. The player is trying to reach the speed of light. As the player collects orbs, they increase their speed towards the speed of light. The game doesn't increase its speed though, rather it slows down the environment in relative to the character. So the character somewhat travels the similarly the same speed throughout the game, but everything around it becomes slower. Thus creating the brilliant effect of increasing to the speed of light. So as you collect more orbs, it becomes more difficult to control and turn to collect orbs. Also due to the increase of speed, you are able to see more of the spectrum of color that one normally doesn't see. More and more of it as you get to 100. And once you attain all 100 orbs, you uncontrollably reach one end of the map to the other in a split second, giving the final realization that you have reached the speed of light.

This game works perfectly for MIT Games intentions of simulating the effects of increasing one's speed to the speed of light. Along with the setting and background, it just makes for a simple but amazing game.

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