Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Write Challenge & Story Twists

Free Write
This is what came about from my 10 Minute Free Write Challenge
The skies are dark. Except for the bright stars. Its clear and wide, so spacious. I feel engulfed by the vastness. There’s so much, yet nothing. I dream of more. More from this world and its possibilities. I dream of adventure. Into space. Into time. Adventure from this simplified version of life. This everyday just becomes everyday. What happened to those times of journey to other lands. When will we be able to find more lands to journey. Times of the knights, of the warriors. Now are soldiers. Not as romantic as it used to be. These times are filled with greed and achievements. Of achievements. These times have a different type of responsibility. Responsible to do the right things, to help others, chilvary. Now, responsible to avhieve, to survive, to provide. This world has lost its romanticism. What will the future provide? I yearn for more. These skies call me. The stars beckon me to venture forth. What lies beyond those stars? Are there more? More of us? More of life? I believe so. Movies, books, media, majority makes other life out to be monsters, “aliens”. Why wouldn’t they be exactly like us? Or more evolved. Or maybe just completely different but only in forms, not in minds and hearts. I don’t believe Earth was where life started. What if Earth is thousands of years behind the first ever form of life. Would they be as curious as I am, as we are, to know more of why? Would they already be traversing galaxies? And if they ever found earth, would they open arms and communicate, teach, care for us. As they might do with other forms of life? Media seems to take this view of advanced life forms, coming to earth, and destroying it for their own purposes. When I think of venturing out into the deepness and vastness of space, I don’t think of conquering, taking, reducing. I can only imagine one thing. Learning. Learning more of what is out there. To understand why. Why things are. Why we are. What is the limitations to our existence. What are the limits to life. The skies are so vast they constantly make me wonder. Makes this world feel so small. These problems so small. This everyday seems just like everyday. I desire more.

Story Twist Idea
When I was thinking of archetypal stories, the story that came to my head was Disney's Aladdin. Now these twists may not be that altering, but it seems to keep the imagination and allows for story tampering I believe.

  1. After the 3rd Wish, the Owner or whom ever the Owner chooses, must replace the current Genie, and the current Genie is set Free.
  2. The Genie can make time/space/reality altering wishes come true. Example: when Aladdin wishes to be a Prince, his past changes to that of a royal upbringing. While others memories change, he retains his memories throughout though.

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  1. great stuff - I particularly like the time-bending memory altering concept from part 2 there. I feel like I heard part 1, replacing the genie already somewhere, but perhaps it's just because it's a great twist!