Saturday, November 17, 2012

MargaritaVille: The Experience


Me jumping on some Gators!
An interesting experience. It has the aspects of a RPG, Adventure game, with social aspects and  real world simulation aspects of a, well simulation game, along with some interesting twists. In the RPG aspect, you can go on quests, pick up items, equip items and level up. In the simulation aspect, you are a person with a some what relate-able situation, trying to rebuild a bar, make money, and make friends. There is a social aspect allows you to invite your friends to play with you. The story setting is unique in itself. Trapped on an island, and then now in charge of a Margarita Bar, journeying to restore it and make it more profitable. There's an interesting twist in that you consume energy throughout the tasks you commit to. Certain tasks consume certain amount of energy, and you must rest at times to recover more energy; simulating a sort of realistic quality to your experience.

As far as my experience goes, it was okay. The quests are simple enough, and pretty much guides you from quest to quest. Very friendly, but a little less challenging. Also the challenge tasks are simple. I like the setting and the music feel. Makes it light and carefree. The use of money to customize your character or give you an advantage with beach bucks is nice. I still haven't learned what leveling up actually contributes though. An interesting experience, but not a long one for me.

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