Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sword and Legend 3D Prototype: 4th Version

Sword and Legend Prototype

This is the 3D Prototype for Sword and Legend. Click here: Sword and Legend Prototype: 4th Version

Left Click OR Press W Key to Attack
Hold OR Press Space Key OR S Key to Block
Press A Key to Dodge Left
Press D Key to Dodge Right
When either health reaches 0, the game ends.
Attacks consume 30 stamina
Blocks consume 20-30 stamina
Dodging consumes 30 stamina

Developer Comments:
2nd Version of 3D prototype. Better understanding of how to create "AI" so future opponents of different weapon types, attack types, and randomness are possibilities. GUI serving as value holders for now. Hoping to implement Health and Stamina Bars soon.

Next tasks: 
Character looks need improving.
Health and Stamina bars for GUI
Blood animation of some sort.
New levels, new enemies with different weapon types, attack variations, for game progression.

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