Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Epic Space Battle: The PlayTest

Epic Space Battle

This is a playtest of Adam King's Epic Space Battle. I actually played both V0.1 and now V0.2 and have seen major improvements and had even more fun this time around. The variations of speeds in the enemies are good. The speed increasing as time goes on makes it intensely fun. Caught me by surprise a couple of times! The weapon power-ups make the game even more enjoyable. You made the bullets auto-fire and added bombs to shoot. At first it felt like it would be too easy, but as you can see from the video, that was definitely not the case. I like it! Might need more weapon power ups to keep up with the intensity of the game!

I found myself wondering if I could die. And noticed the ship moves backwards as I got hit. Took a little to figure that out. Maybe a more noticeable health bar or something would help. Also I was unaware what the green pickups did for me until later on. Red I figured was weapon power-ups. And Green I didn't figure out until I was almost going to die. Might include that in the help section.

But overall Nice improvements and fun game.

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  1. LOL your expression was classic at the end, but thanks for the help. I'm adding a little mini-tut as we speak.