Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peter the Cockroach: The PlayTest

Peter the Cockroach

This is my playtest for Sohei Sasahara's Peter the Cockroach. I like the potential of it. I found myself not really knowing where I should go from the beginning because the description is a little fuzzy. So I died a lot from the car at first haha. But it has an adventurous feel for an interactive story. I tried to win with just eating straws but Peter got tired of it. That's a great idea. I see you have scenarios coming up for humans and dogs to attack, stuff like that. Interactions from the environment can provide more feel for Peter and his situations. Sounds great. Good start!

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  1. Nyjah! Thank you so much for your help..!!
    Yes, it is still very unclear what to do with this game for players..
    I definitely need to improve guiding players to 'right' (or enjoyable I should say) directions and have more interesting, fun scenarios!
    Your screencast definitely helped me a lot improve this game!

    Mahalo! :)