Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sword and Legend 3D Prototype: 8th Version

Sword and Legend Prototype

This is the 3D Prototype for Sword and Legend. Click here: Sword and Legend Prototype: 8th Version

Left Click OR Press W  to Attack
Hold OR Press Space  OR S to Block
Press A Key to Dodge Left
Press D Key to Dodge Right

When either health reaches 0, the game ends.
Attacks consume 30 stamina
Blocks consume 20-50 stamina
Dodging consumes 30 stamina

Developer Comments:
Changed the order of levels. Difficulty on level 2 was pretty high in terms of how I wanted to introduce new elements. Added more to little tutorial page.

Note: Quit button does not work for WebPlayer.

Next tasks: 
More levels, better player and enemy models. More fun!


  1. Nyjah! I just played your version 8 game and reviewed it on my blog. It's looking great and I can see the improvements.
    Heres a link to the blog.

    1. Thanks Adam.
      Your feedback and video was really useful. Even when I test out the gameplay with the different enemies, I also feel the game gets pretty slow. But making things faster kind of makes it easier. But I shall find a way to speed things up and while keeping the difficulty about the same.
      Thanks again!

  2. I playtested your awesome game!!