Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sword and Legend 3D Prototype: 6th Version

Sword and Legend Prototype

This is the 3D Prototype for Sword and Legend. Click here: Sword and Legend Prototype: 6th Version

Left Click OR Press W Key to Attack
Hold OR Press Space Key OR S Key to Block
Press A Key to Dodge Left
Press D Key to Dodge Right
When either health reaches 0, the game ends.
Attacks consume 30 stamina
Blocks consume 20-30 stamina
Dodging consumes 30 stamina

Developer Comments:
Health and stamina bars are in! Fixed bug where enemy's health didn't drop when attacked after enemy finished blocking. Implemented a "near death" camera effect.

Note: Exit button does not work for WebPlayer.

Next tasks: 
New level, new enemy with different weapon type for game progression.

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