Monday, December 10, 2012

Sword and Legend 3D Prototype: 7th Version

Sword and Legend Prototype

This is the 3D Prototype for Sword and Legend. Click here: Sword and Legend Prototype: 7th Version

Left Click OR Press W  to Attack
Hold OR Press Space  OR S to Block
Press A Key to Dodge Left
Press D Key to Dodge Right
When either health reaches 0, the game ends.
Attacks consume 30 stamina
Blocks consume 20-50 stamina
Dodging consumes 30 stamina

Developer Comments:
Added 2 new levels with 2 new enemies. Also added a start screen to introduce the game controls a little.

Note: Exit button does not work for WebPlayer.

Next tasks: 
More levels, better player and enemy models. More fun!


  1. I tested the 6th version of your game, but I also just played the 7th version. I don't have time to make another video, but I like the new levels and tutorial screen. I wish I could get those dual wield swords like the level 2 guy. I'm also not sure about how blocking works. Is it completely random 20-50 stamina or is it by the amount of damage you take? That could be something to include in the tutorial. You should also give the option to view the tutorial again by pressing esc or something incase the player forgets what is what.

    Here is the blog post with the video:

    1. Thanks for the feedback Kevin.
      I definitely want to have the tutorial be seen again, but do not want to pause the game for that. Could be abused to work against the game. Will look into how I want to implement it. Thanks again.

  2. Hey Nyjah! Here is the playtesting video of your game (7th prototype) from me! :)
    It was so fun playing and experiencing the world of the game you have created; even my roommate played that while I was recording through the screencast.. so I will just post the link here!
    (sorry for speaking Japanese and some bad words..)

    I definitely hope it will let you know or get some idea of how players actually react while playing your game!

    1. Thanks Shohei.
      Valuable feedback from watching you play. The second level is difficult! Changed it a little and the order of levels thanks to you. Thanks again!